Our modules

Smooth Publish has been designed with today’s multi-channel communications in mind. Accessible to everyone, it is easy and convenient to use. You can manage all your online and offline communication content from your own dashboard. Smooth Publish also continues to develop modules, aimed at making publishing and its management ever ‘smoother’.


Smooth Play

With its narrowcasting function, Smooth Play is the perfect extension for a complete communication solution!

With its Smooth Play module, Smooth Publish provides a publication platform which addresses the complete communication mix as it exists. As a user this means that you can direct the various functions for narrowcasting to wherever you want, whenever it suits you, and from the comfort of your own workstation. We always welcome the opportunity to describe and explain the wide possibilities of narrowcasting.

Smooth Play also connects seamlessly with Smooth Publish’s other options. As you would expect from a state-of-the-art application which strives to achieve efficiency, Smooth Play is fully integrated in the Smooth Publish cockpit.

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Image database

Smooth Publish has an image database function with an intuitive, logical and sophisticated structure based on metadata selected by you.

Searching for the most appropriate images, files, text or graphic elements can often absorb a great deal of time. Smooth Publish puts an end to all that. With an image database you can simply search for your data by following your own preconfigured setup or a standard structure. You can search using dates, type of file, names or whatever search criteria you select. Smart metadata structures help you to source the right file; precisely and rapidly!

We refer to our advanced image database as our ‘asset store’ and our search and source functions register as the Digital Asset Manager (DAM). Video and audio files are just as easy to file and store as Word documents. Also good to know: with the aid of strict protocols and scheduling, there is a continuous and automatic back up of all data and files.

Content service

Smooth Publish can assist you with functions that suggest ideas for such items as annually returning themes and topics.

At Smooth Publish, as a starting point we closely examine the user’s aspirations, requirements and aims. This enables us to offer a service that develops theme based products, products that a communication department can easily plumb as an invaluable source. We enjoy thinking in tandem with you, for example when preparing for the changing seasons, festive periods and special events, or perhaps even when there is something to celebrate.

Social Media

Smooth Publish allows you to supply your own social media channels with the very latest content in just a couple of clicks.

Smooth Publish facilitates the most popular social media channels. For example, a Facebook or Twitter message can be produced almost instantly using predefined templates. It will also soon be possible to expand the function with a special social media coupling, making it even faster and more direct to place your communication message on the channel concerned.

Sharing files

Sharing images or documents with other users or externally is straightforward, avoiding Wetransfer or Dropbox.

Smooth Publish has pleasure in providing the user with the opportunity to share documents, images or other files with others, in a fast, secure and reliable manner. This function is not only intended for internal use, but can also be used for sending files to external parties, without the need to access other data transfer systems.